Friday, May 16, 2014

Leftovers.... AGAIN?!?!

It's been a CRAZY week hear, and recycling is good for the environment. So, in that spirit, I present to you Part 2 of last weeks throw back blog. I was forced into recanting some four months later upon attending an evening event at the gardens. See reheat and enjoy...

Sticker Shock Redux

I attended an event at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with the Andrew Harris (note: this was written during the heady pre-GraysonHarris era) last evening. What I noticed upon arrival forced me out of my blog sabbatical. Those of you who read my earlier post (ranting) about UL stickers will remember that I threatened to attack the entry sign with a bottle of Goo-Gone. Well, someone beat me to it! HALLELUJAH! My faith in man is somewhat restored. I'd like to think they read my blog and were shamed into removing those hateful things. Well, one can dream. Below are pics taken by Andrew on his phone along with one from my original post in case you don't feel like referring back to it (too many clicks can be very exhausting). Let's keep up the momentum — get out your Goo-Gone and help to make Atlanta sticker-free!

Before: UL stickers create visual clutter and are just plain ugly.
After: A sticker free sign is a happy sign

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