Friday, September 5, 2014

Confessions of an Absentee Blogger

Forgive me blog followers for I have sinned. "How long has it been since my last blog," you ask? Well embarrassingly, it's been 2 months, 1 week and 5 days. 

I can do penance and promise to do better, but you know how that goes. Life and work happen - like being slammed with work (yea!), going on vacation (yea!) and moving the office (double yea!). What I will do is try to provide entertaining and sometimes informative content for your amusement and ultimate dismissal.

For those of you who haven't heard, we have been in the Hurt Building now for one month and are ecstatic about it (Yes, Andrew, you were RIGHT, this once). And, admittedly, I  fought moving here tooth and nail (Yes, Andrew, I was WRONG, this once). 

For those unfamiliar with the building, it is a classic example of an early flatiron skyscraper. Yes, 18 floors in 1913 was considered a skyscraper. It is also one of the few remaining pieces of historic architecture in Atlanta to remain unscathed — if you don't count the rather unfortunate renovation in 1985 by a local design firm that shall remain nameless. But, miracle of miracles, the point entry and grand staircase were left intact. I'm guessing the cost to demo the marble was cost prohibitive. It's also as green as it gets, receiving a LEED platinum certification this year. 

The energy level and urban vibe are pretty fantastic. There is non-stop filming (I have yet to be "discovered"), GA State students EVERYWHERE, a bounty of nearby parks and restaurants, and pretty much a festival (some alcohol related) every weekend. Consider me a convert to downtown life. It ain't Manhattan, but it beats the @$#% out of Buckhead! Trolley ride, anyone?

Who doesn't love a Flatiron?

What can you say? Just a simple little place we like to call "home". Please ignore the "catacombs" (aka "unfortunate renovation") below the stairs.
I wasn't making up that LEED stuff. This is proudly displayed below the directory in the Lobby.