Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Also Clean Gutters

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that customer service makes the difference between staying in business  or flipping burgers. Not that there's anything wrong with flipping burgers — I'm just not cut out for it. My one and only attempt was a two week stint at Wendy's that ended in disaster. But, that's another story.

Here are a few of our war stories and we're sure that you have some of your own.

The "Master Electrician"

We recently ordered a pair of clear glass chandeliers for a client that were PERFECT. Unfortunately, the electrician that she hired to install them had other thoughts. After he declared them "uninstallable", we had to take the project on ourselves or return the fixtures to the manufacturer. A $13 off-set screwdriver from Home Depot came to the rescue and all was well again.

Don't EVER tell us something can't be done!

A Weighty Matter

We were so excited to finally purchase furniture to be used on a 22nd floor terrace for a law firm in Mid-Town, Atlanta.  Prior to pulling the trigger our client (being an attorney) expressed concern over the furniture being blown over the 42" railing and crashing down on unwary vehicles and pedestrians below. OK. So we contacted our sales rep and asked if there were weights available for purchase. Of course the answer was "no", but they did provide us with a "recipe" for making and installing weights from PVC pipe and concrete. You can imagine the rest.

Thirty feet of PVC Pipe and three 50 pound bags of concrete later.
The view is killer... let's hope the furniture isn't.

Leave the Driving to Us

Yes, we'll even schlep furniture, art and accessories in a rental truck to places near and far for those "special" clients.

It's a glamorous career path we've chosen

We Don't Do Windows... Or Do We?

Actually, we don't.  But, in this instance I think Andrew would have been happy to hang outside Unit 45B at the Mandarin Oriental — Atlanta just to say he did.

Wait a minute... is that Andrew?


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