Monday, April 14, 2014

"Secret, Secret....I've got a Secret!"

Growing up in places like the Low Country of the Carolinas, one had the opportunity to spend time in old homes with hidden staircases and/or rooms.   It was always fun to imagine sneaking around and hiding important treasures to be found years in the future.  Therefore, we've always wanted to create such a secret lair.


We recently had the privilege of creating such a secret gem.  The home we worked on is a vacation home for our client, so she's not there all the time.  But because she allows other family members to visit, she wanted an Owner's Closet that she could keep belongings in and not have to worry about them "disappearing".

Obviously, the photo above was taken before we could stage any of her personal items.  But, nevertheless, we are excited over the fact that we finally get to share our Secret!

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